How to Remove In-Built Apps from your Android Device

Before starting, i would like to tell that you need to root your Android phone in order to perform this task.

Now we are going to remove the pre-installed apps found in your phone using an application called Titanium Backup. In order to start, you need to download this application into your Android device. The official Google Play link is here.

Now root your Android device using Universal AndRoot. To know how to root your device, click here to know. After rooting, open the Titanium Backup app and goto Back/Restore tab. There you’ll find all the system apps and user-installed apps. Click on it and you’ll find the options as shown in the image.

Now click on Un-Install. And there you go! Your phone will now be free of space (maybe 10MB maximum) and will apparently perform faster.

You can also use Titanium Backup for backup purposes. Titanium Backup runs on any version of Android and was tested by us on an Samsung Galaxy 5 i5500M running Android 2.2 FroYo.


12 comments on “How to Remove In-Built Apps from your Android Device

  1. Thanks a lot for the tutorial! Just got a samsung GT-I5503t from my aunt in Australia and its full of Telstra apps.. finally got rid of some of them, will continue removing them till i wipe them out of my phone! 😀

  2. I accidently uninstalled Facebook app and it was a built in app plz. And it is not reinstalling frm play syore . Hellllllp meeeeeeee plZzzzzz and reply me plz

  3. I have a Gionee GPad2 with Android 4.1 jelly bean. How can i upgrade to Jelly bean 4.2 and also is it safe to root and uninstall pre loaded apps.

  4. I accidentally deleted a built-in facebook app from Samsung exhibit 2 I believe it runs on gingerbread its not allowing me to reinstall from the market I keep getting a unknown error -24 msg pls help me!!!
    Thanks in advance!

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